Golden Sun Astrology
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Astrological Consulting Services



Here you enter a world of light and love, insight and intuition, talents
and tendencies.
For here you will find a map of YOU,
a reflection of your true self.

Why astrology works

We live in a web of life, of subtle energies, that connect us with everything else in the universe.  By understanding how you express those energies and how you are influenced by those energies, you can more easily choose to live in greater harmony and attract the people, places, and conditions you desire in your life (and learn how to deal strategically with the people & conditions you don’t want!).

Just as magnets exert an invisible power over iron, and electromagnetic signals transmit images & sound to TVs, smart phones and computers, so do the planets emit vibratory electromagnetic energy.  We cannot see it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  We don’t see microwaves in an oven, or the gravity of the moon affecting ocean tides, or the WiFi signals connecting our computers to the Internet.  In fact, there’s a whole lot of stuff all around us all the time that we can’t see!

Astrology is the study of our relationship with  planetary energies and how they affect us.  It helps you to recognize the intricate beauty at work in the universal details of Life, the manifestations of divine intelligence.

"How can astrology help me?"
Knowledge is power.  Who are you?  Why were you born?  What are the key experiences you are seeking in this life?   Astrology offers amazing keys to help you understand.  These are Life’s “big questions” -- once you begin answering these, all kinds of doors start to open for you.
Of course, astrology cannot answer ALL your questions (for that you need meditation or some similar spiritual practice). . . but astrology CAN give you a much deeper perspective on your life. 
Are you ready?


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