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     Working with Richard is so instinctual and powerful. I've had two sessions now, and both times it feels like I'm speaking with a trusted mentor and true guide--his devotion to his work is inspiring, and his energy full of love and healing.
      The many beautifully accurate things he's said about my birth chart, the encouragement his readings have given me in my life path, and the words he carefully chooses to describe my chart are why I'd recommend his work over other readers I've consulted!
                             ~Julia B.   New York NY  


 I found Richard's readings to be very insightful, resonant, and fun! He offers insights into the planetary influences that make up our characters, and in-depth perspectives on the aspects that are affecting us now. I have already recommended his services to friends, and will continue to do so. Thanks Richard!"  
                      ~Kathryn G.    Los Angeles CA

     As the end of my two-year Master's program was nearing, I felt the need to find some clarity regarding my career path. Richard's astrological reading provided me not only clarity, but also insight and direction. The specificity in my chart was amazing and clearly guided me in both my career and relationship paths. I highly recommend Richard!
            ~T. Angulo, North San Gabriel CA

   I was struggling with one unfulfilling job after another when I decided to get help and talk with Richard. He pointed out times that would be the best for me to seek a new job and where this job would most likely be located. He also gave me information on how o handle work supervisors in the future too.
   Within 2 months, I started a new job in the area of California that he had suggested. And the advice he gave me on working with future supervisors helped me tremendously to advance quickly into an even better position. It was almost like magic!
            ~Lonie B., Marina del Rey CA

Golden Sun Astrology has provided me with insight that goes above and beyond any other astrological resource I have encountered. Richard not only provided me with a number of charts indicating planetary movement and alignment, but his reading was thorough and all my questions were answered.
    I would highly suggest that anyone looking for a thoughtful and deep astrological reading to consider Richard. He did a great job and I ended my session feeling inspired and knowing that I learned a great deal of crucial information about myself. Thank you, Richard -- I will be contacting you again in the future for a reading!  
                              ~C. A.  Toronto, Ontario



My astrological reading with Richard Kahn was a deep exploration for me into the energetic threads of my long soul life. I had some fears about what my charts would reveal, but Richard's genuine kindness, strong intuition and passion for his art comforted me and brought a certain joy and excitement into the reading.
     It was an unforgettable and very meaningful experience that I continue to reflect upon and draw from as my life continues to unfold.

                            ~Blair U.    Seattle WA

I found Richard's work to be exceptional! His report was more accurate and more helpful than any others I have had. His candor, insight and humor helped me to clarify my thoughts and move forward with confidence. I appreciate what I received and would highly recommend Richard to anyone. 
                               ~Kevin S.    Sedona AZ

I received a great in-depth reading that helped me to achieve clarity on several issues I was having in my life.  Richard Simon Kahn really knows his stuff!  He is generous with his time, and you don't feel rushed. He is an intuitive, inspirational problem-solver. I feel like I have a support person that I can go to at any time in the future. And I definitely will.   
                                ~Lindia J.   Los Angeles CA

 Thank you for doing such an extensive report about my [new baby] daughter… It confirms my belief that she is truly a musical child.
                            ~Britt S.   Mountain View CA 

Richard gave me great insights into myself as a soul traveler here on earth . . . . In addition, he pointed out my strengths and how to maximize them during the confusing and challenging times of my life. I am very grateful for his help.  
                              ~Erin A.    Encinitas CA

     I would like to encourage people to have Richard do their astrological chart. The gift is in the interpret-tation, and that is where Richard excels. His approach is soul-centered.
      In my reading, he explained native tendencies and we discussed how those have manifested in my life. The reading helped me understand the changes I have been going through the past ten years…  It has helped me assimilate who I used to be with who I have grown into.  And I was able to gain greater peace of mind as a result. 
                                       ~Sue M.  Camarillo CA


“Life can be magical after all!”  That’s how I felt after your reading and followup phone call. . . . Many thanks for your help.  
                                   ~Charlene B.    Richmond CA

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