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Pluto's Progress


Pluto in Capricorn

A good time to meet Scolecite!


Pluto (the Transformer) entered the earth sign Capricorn in 2008.  Have you noticed its effects in your life or in those around you?

Pluto in Capricorn plays a vital role in the Earth’s cosmic evolutionary process.  Its energies bring to the surface those things that have been hidden, buried, suppressed yet which nonetheless wield tremendous power and influence in our lives. It exposes the infamous Shadow – the secret hidden self of individuals, families, communities, cultures and countries. It compels us to become aware of what is really going on, so that we can let go of that which no longer serves us and transform that which supports our evolution to a greater sense of essential wholeness and innate power. 

 As one of the slowest moving planets in our solar system, the energies of Pluto are a major influence in the evolutionary development on our planet – particularly as expressed through we humans.  Within the context of a larger 24,000 year astrological cycle, the earth is considered to be approximately 200 years into an ascending phase or yuga of development marked by increased intelligence, expanded use of technology, and greater spiritual awareness.

 USA crossing a new threshold

For the first time since the United States was formed in 1776, Pluto is returning to its natal position in the U.S. birth chart. This is an unprecedented event in the history of our country. The return of Pluto to its natal position in the United States birth chart marks a passage of immense significance – not just for the U.S. but for the whole world.  Falling as it does in the U.S. second house of Wealth & Resources it highlights what we, as a country, value.  As the mythical god of the underworld, Pluto in this position also signifies our collective willingness to achieve financial gain by any means – legally if possible, but illegally if necessary. It reflects our endless fascination with crime & the criminal world, and their elevation to a kind of celebrity status in our culture.  It belies our government’s willingness to engage in covert operations in order to achieve power, control, and financial domination.  Taken to extremes, Pluto’s energies can result in a cold, calculating, ruthless mentality that is obsessed with secretly maintaining control.  Those who align themselves with the dark side of Plutonian forces do not hesitate to kill in order to accomplish their objectives or remove anyone who threatens their autocracy. (read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins for examples of this in action).

What can we expect?

Pluto’s return signifies a cosmic wakeup call – from the Earth itself, as well as the universal principles that were predominant at the time this country was established.  It’s asking both our leaders and ourselves, “How are you using the power you have been given? Are you acting in integrity with the principles on which this country was founded? Are you using your resources to create true wealth & power, which is sustainable and will keep growing; or have you become entrapped in power systems that ultimately lead to destruction?”

Pluto’s return is sending massive slow-moving ripples through all levels of our society, from its broad foundation in the masses to the pinnacles of leadership. Though we do not yet collectively acknowledge it, we all live within an interconnected web of life.  And from 2008 through 2023 we are going to progressively feel and see Pluto’s energies shaking that web and waking us up.


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