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Give a friend or loved one 
the gift of astrological
for the new year!


Golden Sun Astrology


Gift Certificates can be sent to you via U.S. mail
 or, for those who live near The Crystal Matrix, 
they can be picked up at the front counter 
48-hours after purchasing.


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    Reading for Current Planetary Transits           


$80 for one 45-minute session

BOGO Special 

$120 for TWO 45-minute sessions    (50% off 2nd reading)
       Natal Chart Reading + Transits           
    $150 for one 90-minute session
  BOGO   Special  

$225 for TWO 90-minute sessions    
                                  (50% off 2nd reading)
     The Year Ahead - 12-month Transit Reading           
    $180 for one 90-minute session
  BOGO  Special 

$270 for TWO 90-minute sessions      
                                  (50% off 2nd reading)


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If any questions or problems with this page, contact me at  or call 310.339.3937 
      DELIVERY:    Pick up at The Crystal Matrix
    Send to me via U.S. mail at address above

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