Golden Sun Astrology
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RSK-6California-based Golden Sun Astrology is maintained by horoscopian Richard Simon Kahn (Virgo), who writes:

 “My primary interest is in helping people get a soul-centered perspective on their lives –- to recognize the tasks they have set for themselves in this life, to lovingly understand what dynamics are at work and how to tap their potentials for development, growth, and fulfillment.

  “My astrological readings are largely intuitive.  Though I usually do some basic analysis before a reading, it is very much a process of discovery in which the planets reveal how their energies are being manifest in the life experience of the client as we talk.

   “I utilize the Western approach, which is what I learned first and felt an instant deep connection with – although I have the utmost respect for the Vedic system (Jyotish) as well and don’t hesitate to recommend it. 

  “I first encountered astrology while in my teens. Patterns and perceptions that had floated through my consciousness for years suddenly were given a framework, a structure that showed me there was some kind of order, meaning & intelligence behind the apparent randomness of life & the universe. I could see there was a hidden script underlying the perplexing dualities and contradictions of life."

Richard has a background in marketing and graphic design. He was a monk in the Self-Realization Order for 29 years, and also a photographer, nature lover, musician, sculptor, rock & crystal collector, makeup artist, facilitator, editor, spiritual counselor, householder and the husband of a very special woman who brought her beautiful children & grandchildren into his life.

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